6" Knockdown Target Kit - Orange

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Self-sealing polymer knockdown target and base for safe shooting on any range (indoor or outdoor) and at any distance, now in an incredibly bright fluorescent orange color. Note that the Single Action series do not change color at the point of impact.

The target is a full ½” thick to capture more energy from the round for a reliable knockdown.
"Best-in-industry" durability for reliable performance even after hundreds of rounds.
Innovative base design allows for mounting on an upright 2x4 for compatibility with common target stands.
Base allows targets to fully drop, eliminating bending common to other polymer knockdown targets.
Base can be mounted to allow target to swing free for a positive reaction without the need to reset after each hit.
Kit includes target, base, and adjustment screw. Mounting hardware (common wood screws) not included.

Rounds pass through without the risk of ricochet or splashback of bullet fragments

Durable enough to withstand any caliber with round-nose and spire-point ammunition. 

Avoid hollow-points, flat nose, wad-cutters, and similar projectiles.