6" Knockdown Target Kit - Orange

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Orange 6” KD Kit

  1. Self-Healing Technology: Our polymer targets are engineered with cutting-edge self-healing materials that instantly seal bullet holes upon impact. The energy from the bullet as it safely passed through the material triggers the reactiveness of the target, without the danger of ricochets and splash back of bullet fragments.
  2. Durability: Made from premium, lightweight, weatherproof materials, our targets are built to withstand the rigors of repeated use in various shooting environments. Manufactured with the highest quality of materials, our targets are guaranteed to provide a long service life on the range for even the most avid shooters.  
  3. Calibers: Our targets work with all common pistol and rifle calibers. From .22 long rifle to .308 and larger. Full-metal jacket and ball ammunition is preferred. Avoid hollow points, wadcutters and blunt-faced projectiles.  Projectiles traveling under 800FPS are NOT permitted as they can ricochet. 


 How it Works: Simply pick the size/style target that suits your shooting style/environment. Screw the base to a 2x4 mounted upright as a traditional knockdown style target, or upside down creating a maintenance free swinging target.  Start shooting with no need to tape, paint or replace the target!



·         6” diameter target with supplied base and bolt

·         Base and bolt are also self-healing, made from the same material as the target

·         Made from a bright florescent orange material that is visible at nearly any distance

·         Ricochet free, safe at any distance

·         Indoor and outdoor use

·         Good for thousands of rounds

·         Suitable for all pistol and rifle calibers

·         Avoid hollow-point and flat tip projectiles

·         Protect from UV light when not in use

·         Best reactiveness with rimfire and pistol ammo