Frequently Asked Questions


What calibers can I shoot them with?

We’ve tested pistol calibers up to a .45 ACP and rifles up to .308 and they can take it! Stick with full metal jacket and round nose ammo for the best results. Avoid hollow points, wadcutters, and flat nose projectiles, as these can do permanent damage to the target.

How long will they last?

These targets will hold their shape and integrity through hundreds and hundreds of hits. The color change effect will last the life of the target as long as you store them properly.

How should I store them?

Intense UV light is the enemy, so don’t leave them outside or in the front seat of your truck for weeks at a time. For maximum life, store them inside when not in use and avoid extreme temperatures.

What is the temperature rating?

Our patented technology captures energy from the bullet as it passes through the target, raising the temperature of the material around the impact. That temperature rise causes a temporary color change to show where you've hit. For best color-change effect, we recommend selecting the appropriate temperature range for your climate and typical shooting venue. Don’t worry if you’re shooting in hotter or colder temperatures, you won’t be hurting anything!

What makes this targets different?

You get the reactive movement of a steel target, without the danger of ricochets and splashback of bullet fragments. This means you can shoot them safely at any distance, at virtually any shooting range, including indoors!

You get the visual feedback of a paper splatter target, without having to tape or replace the targets!

How do I mount them?

Given the flexibility and durability of the material, you can really use your imagination here. We recommend simply attaching the strap of the target to a standard 2x4 with a few staples or a wood screw. Make sure you allow them to swing and do not mount them against the backstop, or you may permanently damage the color effect when shot!

If you're shooting high-velocity rifle calibers or rimfire, fasten the strap far away from the target area to allow lots of movement when hit. If you're shooting larger pistol calibers like .45 ACP, you can staple closer to the target to allow it to "reset" more quickly. You can also create a self-resetting plate rack effect by mounting the targets upside down with just the target surface above the 2x4. Check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel for ideas!

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