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With our patent-pending technology, we have truly created the World's Greatest Target, proudly made in the USA.

Our self-healing targets not only move when shot, but temporarily change color at the point of impact to show you precisely where you've hit.

As enthusiasts, we're all about maximum trigger time, and our targets provide just that. No need to tape, paint, or even walk downrange. Just keep pulling the trigger. 

The self-sealing polymer means that each target can sustain hundreds of hits while maintaining its function and color change action.

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Polymer Targets are Safer


NEW! Competition Series Knockdown Targets | Available exclusively from Alpha Dynamics USA

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We are committed to providing the shooting community with a safe, fun, and durable product that can be used at virtually any shooting range. Without the need to constantly replace, tape, or paint our targets, they are also economical to shoot.

Be warned, however, that less time spent walking downrange means more trigger time. Be prepared to buy more ammo!

Double Action Target vs. .45 ACP